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Petr Rezvykh. Lectures on German Idealism

Series of lectures about the central philosophers of German idealism: F.W.J. Schelling, G.W.F. Hegel and J.G. Fichte. The lecturer is Petr Rezvykh, the brilliant Russian specialist in this field.

Nov ‘16
Philoso F.A.Q.: Logic and Theory of Argumentation

Series of mini-lectures presented by Philoso F.A.Q.: discussions about logic and theory of argumentation with Dmitry Zaitsev, Ivan Mikirtumov, and David Khizanishvili.

Nov ‘16
Philosophy of mind. Series of lectures

Series of mini-lectures about the philosophy of mind, prepared by The Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies. Each lecture is devoted to some important issue or to a particular person from that area.

Nov ‘16
Alexey Kozyrev. The Histoy of Russian Philosophy

Series of mini-lectures about the history of Russian Philosophy presented by PostNauka: from its origin in Ancient Rus’ to the doctrines of the XX-th century. The lecturer is Alexey Kozyrev, one of the greatest Russian authorities in this field.

Nov ‘16
Philosophy of mind from A to Z

A series of discussions concerned basic views, key arguments and the most striking thought experiments in philosophy if mind – a mutual project of Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies and PostNauka.

Oct ‘16