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A.L. Nikiforov. Popular lectures on the theory of argumentationAlexander Nikiforov. Popular Lectures on Argumentation Theory

Series of mini-lectures on the Theory of Argumentation by Alexander Nikiforov: how to defence a position in the discussions in a decorous way and not to fall for the opponent’s tricks.

Tamara Dlugach. Lectures on the Enlightenment Philosophy and German Idealism

Series of academical lectures given by Tamara Dlugach about the most influential figures of French Enlightenment and German Idealism: from Wolff to Fichte.

Marianne Talbot. The Nature of Causation

Series of popular lectures (in English) by Marianne Talbot about the problems of causality, the philosophical attempts to solve them and the consequences of these theories.

Petr Rezvykh. Lectures on German Idealism

Series of lectures about the central philosophers of German idealism: F.W.J. Schelling, G.W.F. Hegel and J.G. Fichte. The lecturer is Petr Rezvykh, the brilliant Russian specialist in this field.

Philoso F.A.Q.: Logic and Theory of Argumentation

Series of mini-lectures presented by Philoso F.A.Q.: discussions about logic and theory of argumentation with Dmitry Zaitsev, Ivan Mikirtumov, and David Khizanishvili.

Philosophy of mind. Series of lectures

Series of mini-lectures about the philosophy of mind, prepared by The Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies. Each lecture is devoted to some important issue or to a particular person from that area.

Alexey Kozyrev. The Histoy of Russian Philosophy

Series of mini-lectures about the history of Russian Philosophy presented by PostNauka: from its origin in Ancient Rus’ to the doctrines of the XX-th century. The lecturer is Alexey Kozyrev, one of the greatest Russian authorities in this field.

Philosophy of mind from A to Z

A series of discussions concerned basic views, key arguments and the most striking thought experiments in philosophy if mind – a mutual project of Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies and PostNauka.

Eugeniy Stakhovsky. History of Philosophy. Part 4: Contemporary Philosophy

The fourth part of the issues of the author's program "Object 22" by Yevgeny Stakhovsky on the radio Mayak on the history of philosophy with the participation of domestic specialists, dedicated to the period of modern philosophy